Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology is an experimental research centre based out of York University that supports cross-disciplinary work in all areas that intersect with digital media practices. Sensorium is a nexus for new ideas and experimentation that incorporates work from diverse fields of study and creates spaces for innovative dialogue. More information is available at: http://sensorium.info.yorku.ca/

The Sensorium Student Caucus is a collection of students at York University who are interested in combining art, science, and technology in their research and creative works. The executive committee is made up of PhD students from various departments at York intent on creating a community of like-minded students through collaborative research and academic extra-curricular activities. We hold an annual Symposium for graduate student research as well as offering activities throughout the year. Check back regularly for new events and information.

Banner image credit: Katie Paterson, Vatnajokull (the sound of) 2007

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