April 6, 2017 9am-6pm

Nat Taylor Cinema N102 Ross Building

9-9:30am: Registration & Coffee

9:30-9:45am: Opening Remarks

  • Doug Van Nort, Sensorium Interim Director
  • Jessica Bay, President Sensorium Student Caucus

9:45-11:15am: Winged Bodies & Digital Performativity

  • Christine (cricri) Bellerose – York University
    • “On the Lived Imagined Body” and “Unplugged”
  • Sygny Lynch – York University
    • “The ‘Trumpian Performative’: Social Media Performance, Immediacy, and Authenticity in the 2016 Election”
  • Michael Palumbo – York University
    • “Data Issues: Please see Attachment”

11:15-11:45am: Art Installation in Ross N145 across from the Nat Taylor Cinema

  • Follow by Nadine Ryan – York University and Sebastian Oreamuno – Dance Collection Danse

11:45am-12:45pm: LUNCH

  • Please feel free to also visit the Digital Media Student Exhibition in Accolade West 103

12:45-2pm: Digital Audio Design & Performance

  • Ian Macchiusi – York University
    • “‘Totemic Power’: Arrangement, Analysis and Performance in the Digital Audio Workstation”
  • Ian Jarvis – York University
    • Creating Fire: An overview of implementing concatenative synthesis and machine learning in digital instrument design”
  • Daniel Smith – York University
    • “Mapping Meaning: The Collective Cartography of Everyday Life”

2-2:15pm: Coffee Break

2:15-3:45pm: Sensorium Postdoctoral Fellow Roundtable

Sensorium is home to three postdoctoral fellows at the moment – one Banting, one MITACS, and one SSHRC. Each scholar engages with questions of community, affect, materiality and technology in distinct ways and via distinct methods. Join us for a roundtable that explores not only the intersections of their work, but also reflects on their respective paths toward their current life as postdoctoral researchers.

4-5:30pm: Keynote Presentation introduced by Hannah Schallert

  • David Rokeby — “Time Prisms: Teasing out the texture of Time”

5:30-6pm: Join Digital Media Student Exhibition for walk-through. ACW103

6pm: Reception with Digital Media Student Exhibition – Accolade West